I’m Psychic and I Can’t Win the Lottery

psychic win lottery“If you’re psychic, why haven’t you won the lottery?”

I’ve seen and heard some variation of this too many times to count. Mostly from skeptics that believe that this is sufficient evidence to discredit all psychics and abilities (this question and the subsequent reaction from the questioner are akin to the “why can’t you read my mind if you’re psychic thing”).

So, why can’t (or don’t) psychics use their abilities to win massive amounts of money?

1) Psychics are sensitive to energy.  They are not really fancy walking-talking Quickbook-based algorithms that project most probable values in a given situation.  If you want most probable numbers, try using IBM SPSS. It’s far more useful than a psychic.

2) A lot of the information received is “given” to the psychic by someone or something. Information is read through energetic connections to a particular person or thing, and the strongest source of information, for most psychics, comes from dimensions outside of our own. Most of the received information comes from the 4th dimension and up.  Information can be received from spirits, guides, Angels, and other inter-dimensional beings. There is often very little say in what is accessed. If there is a particular chunk of information in this world that is not supposed to be accessed, then it won’t be.  As much as we do know, our access to information is exceedingly limited. This has a lot to do with our evolutionary state–we’re still in our infancy. Think about what an infant can perceive and interpret compared to you or the oldest, wisest person on the planet. That’s essentially where we are in terms of our capacity to process and interpret all stimuli, including energetic, in our existence. This brings me to my next point.

3) We’re primitive. Humans aren’t terribly evolved creatures, as much as we like to think we are. My analogy of the baby and old, wise man doesn’t even accurately convey how undeveloped we are with respect to the development of other beings (physical and nonphysical).  We can do very little. We know very little. Even those with more developed abilities are primitive by the standards of the Universe.  Their abilities only allow them to do so much. With evolution, we will all be capable of far more.

4) Helping others is oftentimes paramount to helping oneself. Most legitimate psychics have figured out at some point how to channel an incredibly powerful energy in this universe that sustains all living things. It’s what humans understand to be love. Not the love that you feel towards your Macbook Pro or even your romantic partner. It is unadulterated, pure, unconditional, universal love.  Some people use this form of energy interchangeably with cosmic energy.  Because they are so connected to love energy in their human and spiritual states, they tend to be caring, compassionate, and mild-natured people. Humans all have a need to satisfy the desires of the ego, and they aren’t exempt from this necessarily, but they also aren’t as responsive.  Physical and material things lose significance in their lives at a certain point.

5) They don’t ask. This may not be true for all psychics, but many psychics understand that Spirit will provide what is needed not desired. If we ask, in sincerity, and it does truly come from an honest place, Spirit will provide us with what we ask for or show us the right path to acquire what it is that we seek. If you want a billion dollars for no reason other than to spend it carelessly and have flashy parties, then guess what, you probably won’t get a billion dollars. If your child needs a surgery that isn’t covered by insurance or something similar in nature, then yes, you are far more likely to receive the money to cover the expense.

6) Psychism occurs in varying degrees. Some people are highly psychic and some are mildly. In fact, most humans are at the lower end of the psychic spectrum but they’re all on there!  Each configuration of abilities is unique and specific to that person. While one psychic may be able to see into the future, it may be limited to just their own future, or everyone’s future but their own.  Another psychic may be good at tapping into the feelings of others. The type of ability and strength of it is fully related to the type and quality of information accessible.

7) If it’s not a part of the soul journey, then it probably won’t happen.  We have free will and things can change at any moment, but large life events are less likely to occur if it is not one of the events of a “primary” path. We have human experiences on earth to learn and progress in our journey so we formulate a loose plan before we come back. We also enlist guides at this point or they are assigned to us. If winning the lottery serves no purpose or  just isn’t a part of the journey, then that is how it will likely play out.

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